Computer Peripherals

Have you never been able to find a particular accessory in your neighbourhood market?

Does even your local marketplace seem a bit too mundane for the accessory that you are looking for?

DON'T WORRY, we get it. Ask for it, and we assure you, we will have it.

Be it a wireless mouse or wireless computer keyboards , or be it your all time favourite Lenovo laptop backpacks to protect your precious laptop. Be it a 2.1 channel super woofer speaker system to wreak havoc in your hostel dorm or those amazing designer laptop skins that you always wanted. It can also be the power adapters for laptops which are some of the most coveted items during those hostel night-outs playing Counter Strike endlessly. We get it all under one single umbrella, called Computer-Shopee. You buy once, and you will like it, you buy it twice, and you will get addicted.

Internal & External Hard Disk

Home Audio System and Speakers

Branded LED Monitor (FULL HD)

Wireless & Wired Keyboard and Mouse

Dual-Band wireless Routers and Modems

High Quality Gaming Graphics cards

Pen Drive & Memory Cards

All types of Data Cables

Different types of Printer Cartridges

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We are at your service for more than 20 years and have build a very strong customer base, we are considered best in class for all IT related issues, we have got a large variety of products from wide range of reputed brands.

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